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Overheard in Binghamton [entries|friends|calendar]
Overheard in Binghamton

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courtesy of anna [(5/12/06 - 3:03 pm)]

Girl: Yeah, my friend is a total genius. She has a photogenic memory.
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sexual orientation and pb&j [(5/5/06 - 2:15 am)]

Girl: Why dont YOU check if he's gay..
Townie Friend [male]: Nah, I'm strictly peanut butter and jelly. I don't do just peanut butter.
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delayed.. oh well [(5/4/06 - 1:16 am)]

College Girl: So are you smoking for 4-20?
College Boy: 4-20!! Is that today? No tomorrow. When is 4-20?!
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[(4/28/06 - 4:41 pm)]

Girl #1: You look really different today.
Girl #2: In a bad way?
Girl #1: No, I meant you look pretty today!
Girl #2: Aw, thanks!

-- Chenango girls' bathroom
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[(4/28/06 - 2:53 am)]

Girl: He should just put on a bra and go kill himself.

-- outside of the Old Union
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[(4/28/06 - 2:00 am)]

Girl: Is that a blazer?
Queer: No, it's a blazer jacket.

-- Newing
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[(4/28/06 - 1:59 am)]

Guy: I have a really high tolerance when I'm drunk.

-- house party
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[(4/28/06 - 1:43 am)]

Girl: My friend told me "You're fabulous" so I said to her "You're fabulous", but then I realized that fabulous was a good thing. So I told her I shouldn't have said that, because it was a compliment.

-- Chenango bathroom
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[(4/28/06 - 1:42 am)]

Girl #1: Then I would wake up and do shots in the morning.
Girl #2: But that's just being an alcoholic.
Girl #1: Oh yeah...

-- walking into CIW
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